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Make sure you're getting the best gas and electricity deals and know your renter's rights
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Renter's rights

If you rent your house or flat, or your name is on the gas and/or electricity bill then you have every right to shop around to see if you can get a better deal – make the switch and start saving.

Even if your landlord pays the bill and passes on the cost to you, it could still be worth checking to see if there’s a cheaper deal out there – and then discussing the options with your landlord.

The energy market is regulated by Ofgem. It lays down rules that apply to rented property – and these state that tenants who are directly responsible for paying their gas and/or electricity bills have the right to choose their energy supplier.

In other words, if your name is on the bill, you are able to switch, and your landlord or letting agent cannot unreasonably stop you from switching.

The landlord can only choose the energy supplier if they pay the bills themselves and reclaim the cost from their tenants – that is, if it’s the landlord’s name that is on the bills.

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