Financial education is important to help us understand what options are out there for us and how best to manage our money.  How can you learn to make smart choices about money?

The Scottish Government has been working with Money Advice Scotland and the Money Advice Service to develop a short interactive learning pack, allowing you to consider how big life situations can impact on your money.

These interactive modules provide invaluable information and help you learn.

This online learning tool incorporates eight topics:



The interactive course is informative, easy to understand – and fun. 


Money Advice Scotland is a charity that aims to improve the education, training and qualifications of money advisers, improve the financial health and wellbeing of the public and improve public and social policy. It works towards Scottish people receiving the highest possible standards of service when dealing with their financial health and wellbeing. 

Give them a call or visit their website to discover how to find and contact your nearest money adviser. They also provide the e-learning course that helps people better manage their money and understand more about financial products