Having a disability or living with children who have disabilities or special needs can be a challenge. You may have a gruelling schedule of care to contend with, on top of the on-going health concerns, all of which can put massive stress on you and your relationships.

In addition to the emotional elements, the total cost of living with or supporting someone with a disability can be overwhelming. A disability can mean an increase in the cost of your daily living while signalling a decrease in your ability to work as much.

However, this should not stop you from living your life.

Disability Rights UK logo and other charities can help get you touch with the right people to talk to you about issues around disability and what support is available.

Capability Scotlandprovides education, employment and care services for disabled people and adults across Scotland.

You could also be entitled to financial support to meet the costs that arise as a result of a disability including benefits, allowances and funding. The best way forward is to speak to your local authority or a trusted money adviser for further information.

Or contact the following organisations: