If you’re on a low income, you could be eligible for extra benefits. But working out what you’re entitled to can be a tricky business, particularly with recent and forthcoming changes to the benefits system.

But you are not alone. A range of organisations are out there who can advise you on what benefits you may be permitted the claim for.

A number of independent benefits calculators are available to help you find out what benefits you could be entitled to, how you can claim them and what the impact on your benefits will be if you start work.

A list of benefits available can be found on www.gov.uk or contact your local authority - contact details can be found on our interactive map.

The Scottish Welfare Fund is a national, budget limited, discretionary grant scheme, which provides two types of grants:

  • Crisis Grants which  provide short term financial assistance in an emergency
  • Community Care Grants which help people and families under exceptional pressure who need essential households items, such as cookers, carpets or washing machines

The fund is administered locally by all 32 councils in Scotland.  To apply for assistance from your council, you must be aged 16 or over, and be on a low income.  Whilst statutory guidance is provided by the Scottish Government, it is the responsibility of the council to determine whether an applicant is eligible to receive an award through the Scottish Welfare Fund.  This award can take the form of cash, cash in kind or goods.

Further information on the Scottish Welfare Fund, including where to apply and eligibility criteria, can be found on the Scottish Government website.

The following organisations can also help: