If you really want to feel good about staying on top of your finances, learn to save. Having savings means you don’t need to borrow. In other words, you’ll have a big, strong safety net to protect you during difficult times and to account for those unforeseen expenses. Everyone can save money and learning to budget is a step in the right direction.

For starters, you could spend 15 minutes to search for the best deals on your monthly outgoings. Comparing suppliers or tariffs for your energy or utilities could mean you save yourself some money. This monthly saving could then be put away in a savings account, and the pennies will soon mount up to pounds. Work out how much you spend, and compare this to what you could be spending. Start to create your savings and plan for the future.

And if you find yourself with a healthy balance in your cash savings account – so you could afford to cover your costs for at least six months without any more income – you could consider investing some of it.

Investing basically means putting your money into something to attract a profitable return. Common types of investment are:

  • Cash: which means putting your savings into a bank or building society
  • Bonds or fixed interest securities: where you lend your money to a company or government
  • Shares: which allow you to buy a stake in a company
  • Property: you plough your money into a commercial or residential building

Whether savings or investments are right for you will depend on your current financial position, your attitude to risk and whether you need access to your money quickly or not.

Talk to some of these organisations below to help you make the right choices about what to do with your surplus cash.

 work across Glasgow, holding personal conversations, over 1, 2, 3, 4,5 or 6 sessions. These can cover budgeting, spending, saving, credit, debt, well-being, and financial products and services.

  provide more information on saving and investing here.


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