The very best way of organising your finances is to have a very clear idea of what income is coming into your household each month, as well as what you have going out the door each month.


By considering these matters, you’re taking the first steps towards managing your budget. Once you've worked out your budget, you'll be able to see how much you've got left over to pay off your debts.


If you get to the point where you genuinely feel you’ve tried to cut your spending and you’re still having difficulties with paying your bills, then don’t worry, there are organisations who can help you put together a budget to cut your outgoings.


Use some of these budgeting tools and calculators to help you take control of your finances:

 has a budgeting tool which helps you list all your household income and expenditure, and helps you to prioritise your debts.

  has useful guides and resources such as calculators, comparison tables, letter templates and more to help you with many different areas.

 offer a confidential free online debt advice service through their My Money Steps website, helping you to create a personal action plan.

  provide a benefits calculator for older people. Use this to make sure you are receiving all the help you are entitled to.

 also provide a money management course, providing a simple way to teach people how to build their budgeting skills.

If you feel you would benefit from talking to a money adviser about your finances find what help is available in your area here.